Name change and site upgrade: The SORA and SORAnomics are now the Pantry Hub and Pantrynomics!

July 15, 2021

This is in line with our mega-overhaul that began in April. The main catalyst was finding out Einstein’s error in his Theory of General Relativity. This then made it easy to match the laws of thermodynamics to our laws of value which then became the solid foundation of Pantrynomics as implemented through community pantries during the pandemic.

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Our major mistake with SORA is that we were patterning it from the currently-successful systems of Facebook (social network) and Lazada (Ecommerce). In a nutshell, we were hacking Adam Smith and Socrates to fit the mold of Mercantilism and Liberalism respectively.

The four laws of value, however, showed that the systems of Smith and Socrates were totally different from the current systems.

For example, SORA’s focus was the social network aspect of the economy – the “Social” in “Social Resource Allocation”. This was patterned after Facebook wherein connections are arbitrarily made beforehand. In Socrates' system, the connections are made after utility between 2 parties has been proven. This makes it a real social network and reduces Facebook into an arbitrary personal network.

On the economics side, SORA relied on economic social contracts in their pure form. This was too idealistic since the human mind does not need to know all the contracts that it makes daily. Instead, it just needs to know the relative values of those past and present contracts with the present condition and desires.

This leads to a points system over a contracting or commerce system that exists in e-commerce apps.

Both systems of network and points were actually implemented by the Inca moneyless system of qullqa-quipu, where the qullqa are a network of granaries and quipu are points-records.

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