We’ll deploy an app for your city once the waitlist for that city gets filled. The green ones below are active, the red ones are filling up and might turn green soon


A Complete System Built for Crisis

No Money? No Problem!

Pantry allows transactions or social contracts in money, barter, and resource credits to circulate value


The social contracts can be for-profit or non-profit, allowing them to be useful even during crises. The system can even work without electricity as it was proposed in the 18th century

Bye Bye Uncertainty!

The Law of Social Cycles from Socrates is then used to predict the integrity of social contracts. It can also be used to predict crises, which is how we predicted the current Covid crisis

How it Works

  1. Post your item
  2. Look for people interested in your item
  3. Trade with them with or without money


Pantry Hub

Implements economy-as-a-service by acting as an economic hub in each community that allows transactions in money or points

Pantry World

A world trade system that allows imports/exports with local currency or points

Points Banking

Points Banking converts productivity to points and manifests as Basic Universal Revenue, served by real pantries


Analytics for Pantry Hub and World data for real-time policymaking, inspired by the Bloomberg terminal



A local news system that funds local journalists and writers so they don’t have to sell their integrity. Target: 2022


A governance platform that helps make government services more efficient. Target: Tentative


A health diagnosis system that allows access to medical services and treatments for people without money. Target: Tentative


A pantry-based learning and apprenticeship system that can be used even during pandemics or crises. Target: 2023


A matching system to increase the success rate of points-based social contracts. Target: Deployed


A points-based taxation system that prevents tax evasion and increases tax revenue by spreading it to more people. Target: Tentative


The pantrynomics version of Shopify. Target: Tentative


Prof. Dhanjoo Ghista, University 2020 Foundation President
I very much like this work:A Research Proposal For The Formalization Of The Science Of Pantrynomics And The Establishment Of A Pont-Based Economic System
Prof. Dhanjoo Ghista, University 2020 Foundation President
Prof. Gavin Kennedy, a world expert on Adam Smith
I believe it is developing into a worthwhile project
Prof. Gavin Kennedy, a world expert on Adam Smith

Let’s create the new system!